Helena Mooney



What you want really matters.  

You spend so much time thinking about what you want for your child, partner and husband, but what about YOU?   What you want is really important.


  • What do you want in your life?  
  • What do you want for your family?
  • What do you want for YOU?

Have you taken time to really think about what you want?  Do you even know what that might be?!

What comes up for you when you think about that?  What fears?  What reasons why you couldn’t have it?

How would it be to think that you actually could have what you wanted?!

This is a very personal episode because I share about a major change in my life – we’ve moved to England! – and what I’ve done to be able to make that happen, with ease and joy.

Exercise #1 – Your Ideal Day, 12 months from Today

Write out exactly what your ideal day would be like.  From the moment you wake up, to when you go to bed.  What do you see, feel, hear?  How are your children?  What are they doing? 

You get to 100% choose what it is that you want.

Take the time to sink into this – really enjoy it!

The clearer you are, the more likely you are to be able to have it.

Exercise #2 – The 555 Method

When you’ve got clear about what you want, condense it down to just a paragraph of 2-3 sentences.  And write it out 55 times each day for 5 days.

The more you write this paragraph, the more you will refine it and, with the repetition, it will start to sink in deeply.  You’ll start to embody it.  

After doing both of these exercises, your brain will start to look for ways to make it happen.  You’ll notice people talking about similar things, opportunities will arise and you’ll start to see solutions where before you only felt fear or doubt.

And, as if by magic, along with some deliberate actions from you, you’ll move closer towards your ideal day.

If you’d like help with this, book in a session with me.  One of the things I love doing the most at the moment is working 1:1 and helping my clients create this ideal vision of their lives. Whilst also providing help in how they can best support their children in an incredible way to help this become a reality.   It’s super exciting!


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