Helena Mooney



When you first start parenting this different way, you're probably worried about how your children will turn out and whether you can trust the process.

In this episode, I have a heartfelt chat with Vivian Viester about the challenges and revelations of parenting, especially with teenagers.

Vivian shares her journey of discovering Aware Parenting and what she's learned, especially when things are hard.

We talk about the importance of self-compassion, understanding the underlying reasons for our reactions and emotions, repairing ruptures with our children, trusting their natural learning process, healing our relationships with our own parents, and finding self acceptance.

You can find out more about Vivian here: https://www.instagram.com/vivianviesterawareparenting/


00:00 Struggling with breastfeeding, self-reflection, guilt.

05:51 Struggle with reactions, parenting, and healing.

08:01 Challenging journey of parenting and theory.

14:19 The struggle with shame.

19:30 Becoming a mum revealed hidden insecurities.

22:51 Effects of Aware Parenting on teenage boy.

24:56 Importance of trusting children's natural balance.

29:12 Finding beauty in natural self-motivation and progress.

30:26 Embracing co-sleeping and trusting the process.

33:30 Importance of trust and repairing parent-child relationship.

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