If you've ever tried to give your child the ideal day by throwing a birthday party or taking them on an exciting trip, only for them to have a meltdown or complain, then this episode is for you.

In it, Devon Harris shares about how about a day spent doing mundane things with her son led him to declare it was "the best day ever"

So what was it about that day that had such a profound impact?

And how can you bring in the elements she talks about into your every day life?

We also talk about her previous work with children who were in protective services and what led her to following Aware Parenting in her own parenting and becoming a Certified Instructor.

Devon Harris is an Aware Parenting Instructor in Australia.

You can find out more about her work and contact her here www.devonharris.com.au

Book a discovery call her here https://calendly.com/upsidedowndevi/invitation

00:00 Finding joy in ordinary parenting moments.

06:18 Encouraged participation leads to feelings of fulfilment.

09:33 Empathy helps with big feelings.

13:12 Meditation benefits.

15:13 Empathy creates spaciousness.

19:38 Encouraging children to contribute to household tasks.

22:55 Teamwork, collaboration, validation, empathy, meaningful contribution appreciated.

24:51 Understanding and addressing trauma in children's behaviour.

26:58 Learning trauma-informed parenting to help families.

34:52 Practicing mindfulness.

38:26 Creating space for child development.

42:09 Connecting with children calmly prevents tantrums.

43:44 Improving environment, empathy, and listening.

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