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Be inspired with silliness and discover ways to be playful with your kids from toddlers to teens. With Chiara Rossetti, Aware Parenting Instructor

You are going to LOVE this episode! So much fun & silliness with the fabulous Chiara Rossetti who’s an Aware Parenting Instructor with 2 teenage children. She is amazing at bringing play to all situations and you’ll be able to see how you, too, can incorporate such fun & silliness into your family.

We cover a range of topics including:
– starting out simply with your child – using their hands
– ways to improve meal-times
– teeth-cleaning
– helping your child to separate & return to you, especially if you’ve separated from their dad
– dealing with rude words
– addressing your own triggers & big reactions
– the importance of your child crying too
– play with teenagers

Chiara’s fantastic list of silly games ideas
Playful Parenting by Lawrence J. Cohen, Ph.D.
Attachment Play by Aletha Solter Ph.D.
Connect with Chiara directly