Overcoming School Anxiety

Join Helena Mooney to learn how you can help your child (aged 3 - 8) become more confident and happy at school 

"we saw results instantly" (Sara)

Tuesday 20 February 

8.30am UK/ 4.30pm WA / 6.30pm QLD / 7pm SA

7.30pm NSW, VIC, TAS

Inside this online interactive workshop you'll:

  • Discover simple, powerful & fun games to help your child become more confident away from you
  • Receive a script of what to say when they're struggling and refusing to go to school
  • Learn what to do to in the morning and when they get home each day to reduce anxiety and make drop off easier
  • Realise the #1 significant factor to make it easier for both of you

This is MORE than just an information workshop, YouTube video or podcast episode.  

You'll also:

  • Receive support for what's going on for you for your child
  • Explore your own school experiences so that you can better help your child with theirs 
  • Feel more confident with a deeper understanding of what's going on for your child AND for you, as well as highly effective strategies to navigate school anxiety

We started using the techniques Helena taught me during the webinar and we saw results instantly

Drop off was easy and we went from ‘I don’t want to go’ to ’I love kindy’ in just one day of using Helena’s tips! 


Our son has done so much better the last couple of days at his new preschool than I expected he would. To say he has struggled with preschool for over a year until now is an understatement.

After following your suggestions, he proceeded to have his best drop off and most successful day at preschool ever.


Do you remember your time at school?

Wishing you could stay at home with your mum

Wondering if anyone will play with you.

Feeling stupid not knowing what the teacher was talking about.

Worried about asking to go to the toilet.

Embarrassed when you accidentally called your teacher "Mum".

So if you're worried that there's something wrong with your child for feeling anxious, please know that it's 100% normal.  

It doesn't mean there's anything wrong with them, or that there's anything wrong with your parenting.  

It's just an indication of this massive transition and that they're needing some extra support.

Same with you. 

Seeing your child struggle is so hard, isn't it? 

So join me in this interactive workshop where I'll give you strategies and games to help your child, AND offer you support so that you can help them at a deeper level. 

The good news is that you CAN help your child

About Helena

I'm an Aware Parenting Instructor and a Hand in Hand Parenting by Connection Instructor, and I've been supporting parents for over 13 years.

My children are now 15 and 9 years old so I've personally experienced helping them start Preschool, Primary and High School.  I know what it's like to have a very anxious child who's having a hard time, and I know how to support them. 

We've recently moved from Australia to the UK and so my children have had to start again at new schools.  They've both adjusted really well and I am so grateful for these strategies to make that possible.

What I'll be sharing is grounded in real life, highly practical and it works!

“Helena’s presentation was very easy to understand.  She’s so patient, compassionate and present to us as parents.  She explains in a gentle non intimidating manner.  It just makes sense.  And it works!!” 



Overcoming School Anxiety

Tuesday 20 February  

8.30am UK / 4.30pm WA / 6.30pm QLD / 7pm SA

7.30pm NSW, VIC, TAS

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my child is already at school.  is this only for children who are just starting?

This workshop is designed to help your child whether they're just starting this year, or whether they're already there and are struggling.  It will be helpful if they're refusing to go to school, are having meltdowns when they come home after school, if they experience separation anxiety, or if they're just having a hard time.  

What age child does this apply to?

This workshop is perfect if your child is 3 - 8 years old.  It applies to Pre-school, Kindy, Day Care and Primary School


Yes, if you're unable to attend live, or you'd like to watch the workshop again, you'll have life-time access to the replay after.

Do I need any previous particular experience or knowledge?

No previous training, understanding or experience is necessary.  I will be teaching you strategies from Aware Parenting and Hand in Hand Parenting that are easily accessible and can be implemented straight away.