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Being mum to a baby is amazing & the best thing ever.  

It's also hard.  And can be utterly exhausting.  

You want the best for your baby, but you also need sleep and a bit of a break. 

The approach I offer not only helps your baby to sleep better, but also strengthens your connection, meets their emotional needs and provides a strong foundation to parent them as they grow into toddlers & beyond....

  • Help your baby sleep better
  • Deeply connect with them while they're crying
  • Heal from birth trauma
  • Strengthen your attachment


mum to 2 

"The Aware Parenting Babies course changed my life. It opened my eyes to a new way of connecting with my baby, myself and everyone around me.

I was in a desperate place, a walking zombie as my son woke every hour at 6 months. I didn’t want to let him cry but neither dummy nor boob nor anything else I tried was helping.

I started the course because of sleep and continued it because it changed the way I saw my baby’s emotions. I connected more with him, I enjoyed him more, I connected more with myself and my partner and yes, better sleep followed pretty quickly.”


mum to 2

Prior to finding Helena my daughter was absolutely terrible at napping during the day. I would spend so much time rocking, patting, shushing and singing to her to get her to sleep and resettle after every sleep cycle. This repeated throughout the nighttimes also. I was so exhausted and felt as though I could not catch a break.

My daughter now sleeps for 2 hour blocks at nap times and lengthy blocks at night. Her feeding has improved drastically and some of the wind problems she had has reduced.

I count my blessings I found this when I did otherwise I am not sure how I would be coping today"


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Aware Parenting Babies

The most comprehensive baby program to help you become confident in understanding and responding to your baby's physical and emotional needs in a respectful, loving and connected way. 

  •  Help your baby sleep better and more soundly
  • Deeply connect with your baby while they're crying
  • Avoid the witching hour by learning how to integrate Aware Parenting into your day 
  • Help your baby heal from birth and early trauma
  • Help your baby grow up being free to express themselves fully whilst staying connected with their authentic self.
  • Receive personalised support and inspiration from a like-minded community

Co-created with Marion Rose from The Aware Parenting Podcast.