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  • Anger to tears to laughter. Setting a limit about dinner with my 8 year old

Unless it’s pesto pasta, fish & chips or pizza, George (8) will complain about what I’ve cooked for dinner.

(Yes, it is *slightly* irritating!) 

Sometimes I can’t be bothered to set a limit and I’m OK for him to make himself a piece of toast.

Sometimes I tell him to eat what he wants and leave the rest.

Sometimes I get annoyed and insist he eats it without a fuss.

It all depends on my emotional capacity at the time.

But earlier this week, I could see that he needed to offload some big feelings he was carrying.  He’d been quick to temper for a while and I was in a good frame of mind.  I also knew that what I’d cooked was delicious and he’d liked it in the past.

So I set the limit and I listened to his rage….

In this podcast episode I share about what happened:
– how he reacted
– what I did to set the limit
– how it’s different to listen now that he’s 8
– how he was afterwards

The principles are exactly the same as when he was younger, but now that he’s 8 I need to slightly adapt things.  So I hope you find this episode helpful.


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