Helena Mooney



Do you find yourself shouting and realising that you’re not actually making the situation better, but you can’t seem to stop yourself?

Are there times when you feel completely justified in your anger & frustration at your kids?  But then you realise that the whole situation is just getting worse rather than better.

Do you wonder what you could do instead?!

In this week’s episode I share an incident that happened in our family before school one day when everyone was in that cycle of anger, frustration, aggressive behaviour & shouting.  And how I managed to turn it around to love, playfulness, laughter & cuddles in a split second.

I also talk about how your anger & frustration is completely justified.  There’s no need to berate yourself with how you’re feeling.  Know that you’re not alone!

Also understand more about what’s going on in your child’s brain so that you can respond in a way that’s much more effective than shouting & punishment.

Take away points:

  1. know that you’re not alone in getting annoyed.  I so understand.  Your feelings are completely valid & justified
  2. really know that shouting & punishing & being mean isn’t going to bring about the lasting change you want or need with your child.  It’s not helping the situation
  3. understand that your child needs connection with you to move through this.  And, for you to move through your irritation, you need to feel connected with your child.  Also know that laughter is a fantastic stress release.
  4. have a game that you all love to do that you can easily do in stressful times.  Such as wrestling or a chasing game.  
  5. The more you weave play throughout your day & parenting, which things are not stressful, the more able you’re going to be to bring it in those stressful moments
  6. When things start to go awry, think play!