Helena Mooney



Getting your child’s school report can be exciting and affirming, or it can be stressful and demoralising.

So in this episode I offer you ways to best manage your responses if you are disappointed or worried about your child’s report.

I’ve experienced both types of report and so know what it’s like to be anxious about my child’s performance and possible future.  I’ve catastrophised!  And I’ve also now come to a better place of peace, understanding and practical actions that help me and my child.

The first thing is to read the report and comment on the positives with your child.  They will most likely wanting to know that the teacher says and will be waiting for your reaction.  So find the positives.

Any fears, concerns, frustrations you’re feeling, take them elsewhere. Those are not for your child to hear or have to deal with.  Journal, cry, talk with someone who can properly listen to you – without judgement or fear. 

The more you voice your concerns, the more you can release them.  So really go there.  Don’t hold back.  If you do, they will bubble up to the surface when you’re talking with your child about it.

When you’ve addressed & released your fears, you’ll then be able to feel calmer about this piece of information about your child.  You’ll be able more rational and clearer to judge what, if anything, is needed such as if your child needs tutoring, extra support at school, more help from you.  Or if you need to chat with the teacher.   

You’ll be coming from a place of calm and rational thought.  Rather than fear, panic or frustration.

What’s most important – even more than the report – is your relationship with your child.

Your child is going to do much better in life & at school, when they have a solid, connected relationship with you.  They will also be able to learn better when they’re not stressed.  So focus on hanging out with your child, loving them for exactly how they are. Even if you know they could do better with their work.  The more you focus on your relationship, the easier it’s going to be to find a solution or to make any changes you think are needed.  Or to find peace in what is your child’s journey through school and life.

Either way, you’ll be calmer & less stressed, and so will your child.  And together, you’ll be able to figure it out.