What to do Instead of Time Out

Posted in   Child, Toddler, Tweens   on  April 22, 2023 by  Helena Mooney0

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Do you use Time Out when your child is repeatedly being challenging?   I know it’s a popular method and it’s certainly better than smacking (which is probably what your parents did to you), but is it ultimately helpful & could there be a better strategy to use instead?

That’s the topic of this video where I share why I don’t advocate Time Outs, and what you could do instead.

Now, I realise it can be hard to change what you’ve been doing, especially when you were parented in a different way.  And it can be hard to move in towards our child when they’re being aggressive, etc when your initial instinct may be to push them away.

Which is why I’m here to offer support, strategies & inspiration to help!  

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