In-Person Play Workshop!

Sunday 1 October, 2-4pm
New Barnet, North London

Enjoy Playlistening support for yourself with experienced Instructors at this in-person event.  Exclusively for Hand in Hand Instructors and Candidates.

Whether you'd like a playful parenting boost, or you just want to experience a fun community event, join us this October in London!

It's not always easy to be playful, so receive the help you need at this supportive and fun event!

It's often easier to teach parenting than to actually do it!  Which is why we ALL need support sometimes.

This is also an opportunity to see how Hand in Hand works with parents and children together.

This 2 hour event will give you playful inspiration and the opportunity to play with your child while receiving the support you need.

Plus, it's a great opportunity to connect with other Hand in Hand Instructors and Candidates - in real life!

You get listening time too

You will have the opportunity for Listening Time in a separate room if your child is happy to stay and play with one of the Instructors.

help with separation anxiety

If your child has big feelings about separation then you might wish to use this as an opportunity to Staylisten with support.

You can of course choose to stay with them for the duration if that is more appropriate for your family; we will be guided by you and responsive to what your child needs in the moment.


Play can easily turn to aggression if your child has big feelings bubbling.  Receive support to help your child with these upset feelings through Playlistening and Staylistening with another Instructor by your side.


WHEN: 2-4pm, Sunday 1 October 2023

WHERE: New Barnet Friends Meeting House
(55, Leicester Road, New Barnet, EN5 5EL)

WHO: Hand in Hand Instructors and Candidates and their child aged 10 years and under



Adult Only £50 

Attending with 1 child £75


Adult Only £17 / month 

Attending with 1 child £26 / month


You are welcome to attend with or without your child.

If you are coming without your child, we will be gathering from 2.15pm to discuss how we run play events, as well as doing some Listening Time before meeting the children and getting started. You are also welcome to stay afterwards for some debriefing (and more Listening Time) until 5.45pm.

Children are invited to attend between 3 - 5pm.

Meet the Instructors

Anna Cole

Anna was the UK's first Certified Instructor (2013) and is Hand in Hand's UK Regional Lead. 

She has taught at Universities in Sydney, London and Brighton and worked as a consultant historian and co-writer of a documentary film.  Since the birth of her daughter in 2004 and her son in 2006, Anna has focused much of her research and practice on the “emotional ultra-marathon—as Patty Wipfler calls it—of parenting”.

She is highly experienced and has run many workshops and classes. 

Praise for Anna:

"Your guidance and examples during class with how you listen and how you structure our listening are brilliant takeaways! Thank you so much for your time, experience and love that you brought to our sessions" 

"Thank you so much for your amazing support and encouragement. You truly are changing the world – one family at a time."

Lara Zane

Lara became an Instructor in 2019 and loves working with and supporting others in learning to use this approach and deeply understands that every family is unique.

She is passionate about helping parents get the information and support they need to make their family life more connected and enjoyable. 

Praise for Lara:

"Lara's sensitive, non-judgemental approach has allowed me to gently unfold my fears and worries around being a Mum. She offers a safe, supportive environment in which to share and learn.”

“Lara has been genuine and beautifully supportive from the first time I ever spoke to her."

Shaheen Merali

A Certified Instructor since 2014, Shaheen lives in Hertfordshire with her now teenagers (15 years and freshly turned 18 years!) and loves supporting parents in all their stages of parenting, from the pregnancy and new baby stage to the pre-teen and teen years. She truly believes that Hand in Hand Parenting can enhance relationships all round, not just within parent-child relationships, and works to reach parents from all walks of life.

Praise for Shaheen:

"Thank you Shaheen, for being a great facilitator in this wonderful but challenging journey of motherhood."

"I have thoroughly enjoyed working alongside Shaheen during my Hand in Hand journey. The connection that is being built through this gentle approach with our girls is amazing! Stay listening is really helping and increasing our connection with them. Play listening has been brilliant, the laughter and fun that we have all been sharing as a family has been priceless. Looking forward to this being a part of our lives throughout parenting. I can’t thank Shaheen enough for being a part of this Hand in Hand Parenting journey."

Helena Mooney

Helena became a Certified Instructor in 2014 and has just moved back to England after 20 years in Australia.  She has 2 children aged 15 and 9.

She is passionate about helping parents, especially bringing play to difficult situations and challenging behaviour.  "I wasn't a naturally playful mum but I've learned how to play and it's been one of the greatest gifts I've given my children, aged 14 & 8."

Praise for Helena:

"Helena has been such a great support and really assisted me in opening up the gates to develop and build on a beautiful connection with my children through the power of play with my kids!"

"Helena literally changed my life with my son.  I can't thank her enough for the change in perspective she gave me which has resulted in a connected, awesome relationship with my son and a much more relaxed me."


Can I Bring More Than One Child?

Because this is such a high energy event, there needs to be one parent per child so that you can give your full attention for the duration.  These events are fun yet stimulating, so upset feelings may surface which gives you the perfect opportunity to listen whilst receiving support.  Both you and your child will benefit from having this 1:1 time together at this event.  

What Aged Child is This Suitable For?

Children 10 years old and under.


I'm Not A Hand in Hand Instructor - Can I Still Attend?

Yes if you're training to become an Instructor (this will be a fantastic learning opportunity).  This event isn't open to the general public. 

Will There Be Any Refreshments?

Squash, water and biscuits will be available.  Due to the lively nature of the event, we will not be offering hot drinks.  


What If I Need to Cancel?

If you book and then realise you are unable to attend, you must let us know by 1 September 2023 to receive a refund.  We are unable to offer a refund after this time.


It's physical, it's playful and it's fun - See you there!