Transform Your Family With PLAY In Just 7 Days!

If you're tired of the battles, fed up with the whining, and are wanting a better way to help your child with their emotions and behaviour, then join me for 7 days to transform your everyday parenting challenges with play!

Perfect if you have a child aged 1-8 years

My son has become more connected and loving towards me and his sister, and has confided in me some of his fears.  Thank you so much for your wisdom.


7 Days - 7 Playful Parenting Solutions

Punishments, pleading and bribery don't ultimately work.  In fact, they usually make the situation worse.


Because they don't address the reasons WHY your child is being challenging in the first place.

So what does?


Play helps your child release stress

Upset feelings & stress are the main causes of your child's aggressive, anxious or whiney behaviour.  Play enables them to release stress through laughter, helping them to be happier and able to behave better. 

Play reconnects you as a family

It's surprisingly easy for your child to feel disconnected from you, even if you're with them all the time. Which is another major reason for their challenging behaviour. I'll give you games you can play together as a family, as well as help you look at what else you may be needing 

Play is a quick solution

You don't need to spend hours analysing and talking through the problem with your child.  You can play instead!  Let me show you how.

Play can be fun for ALL of you!

If you're tired, over it, and can't face another battle with your child, I'll give you games that are fun for both of you.  Plus, you're going to love the transformation that comes from them,

Praise for Helena 

Highly, highly recommend working with Helena. She literally changed my life with my son.  

I started working with her when he was around 3.  He is now 14!  

I can't thank her enough for the change in perspective she gave me which has resulted in a connected, awesome relationship with my son and a much more relaxed me.

Gemma  Baby Development Teacher & Mum

We saw results instantly.  It literally changed our lives!

Drop off was easy and I didn’t get the usual call to come and collect my very upset son (who used to vomit from such bad anxiety).

We went from ‘I don’t want to go’ to ’I love kindy’ in just one day of using Helena’s tips! 

Sara Mum to 4yo boy

Discover how to transform these challenges with play: 


Bedtimes & Sleep

separation anxiety

fears & anxieties

sibling rivalry

lack of co-operation

The games are simple and easy to fit in your busy schedule.  I'm all about making things very practical, as well as fun!

About Helena Mooney

I'm an Aware Parenting Instructor, a Hand in Hand Parenting by Connection Instructor, and a Life Coach, with over 13 years experience supporting families.

I wasn't a naturally playful mum.  I didn't realise I was "allowed" to be!  Plus I had NO idea what to do.

I've since learned how to play and it's been one of the greatest gifts I've given my children.

I'm so grateful I've learned this way of being with my kids and it's now my passion to share the games with you and support you with your family.

Helena helps me be the mom I want to be.

Helena has helped me through what seemed like impossible parenting situations with each one of my three kids.

She explains their sometimes confusing behaviours. 

I’m so grateful to have Helena in my life.

Michelle  Therapist & Mum to 3

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