Help Your Child THRIVE!

Have the relationship you've always wanted with your child, deeply support them emotionally, and feel confident as a Mum again.

Perfect if your child is aged 1 - 8 years

Parenting IS Hard
(it's not just you)

Do you ever think that everyone else has a blissful family life, with easy kids and that they're more patient and 'perfect' than you?

If so, it's not true.  Everyone struggles.  

And it's not your fault - this is a challenging time to be a mum.  You're juggling everything, there's huge pressure to parent 'gently & consciously' which is different to how you were raised and you don't have the support or strategies you ideally need.  

You Want the Absolute Best For Your Kids

and you know what you don't want to do (smacking, shouting, etc) but when it gets challenging, you're not sure what to actually do instead.  

So it's understandable if you:

  • lose it when your child refuses (for the ten millionth time) to put their clothes on and get in the car in the morning,
  • despair of ever having a good night's sleep ever again
  • feel embarrassed when your toddler melts down in the supermarket
  • hear yourself talking (or shouting!) in a way you vowed you never would.
  • worry whether you're doing it right and if there's anything wrong with your child

This program will give you the REAL reasons for your child's Challenging behaviour,
WHAT you can do to help them emotionally,
& HOW to transform challenges in real life

You don't need to punish or shame your child to make them behave well.  

You don't need to pander to their every whim to make them happy.

You don't need to give up your needs to be a good mum.

Instead, what your child really needs is a strong connection with you and the opportunity to release their stress with you.  These two things are the "secret" to having a happy, confident, well balanced child.  

We had improvements from day 1! 

As a mum of two boys I was finding I was just nagging and picking on them constantly.  I was getting more and more stressed and this wasn't helping my connection with them - so the new way of looking at our relationships and dealing with behaviour was a 'breath of fresh air'. 

It was empowering, life changing and has dramatically improved my relationship with my boys and their behaviour is much better.

I noticed just how practical the information was.  I'm feeling much more in control of my emotions and have strategies that are practical and easy to put into my day. 

The reason your child 'misbehaves' is that, despite your best efforts, their sense of connection with you is easily broken and tension builds up within them.  

These are from normal, everyday occurrences such as going to the shops, you being on the phone or cooking dinner, having a sibling, being away from you at daycare and school, or playing with a friend, etc.

And they happen from major life events such as birth and early trauma, parental separation and medical procedures.

The good news is that you can help your child heal from the big traumas and the everyday challenges, and you can do it in a way that 

  • keeps your child deeply connected with their inner self
  • strengthens their attachment with you 
  • brings more play, laughter and fun to your family.

When you help your child with their emotions, their behaviour automatically improves.  

So that's what this program gives you - the insights and practical strategies you need to help your child at a core level.  Because, when you have that, you can help transform any situation.

Discover EXACTLY what to do with:

Aggressive behaviour

separation anxiety


rude words

fears & anxieties

sibling rivalry

teeth cleaning

new baby

Bedtimes & Sleep

picky eating


and more....!

Highly, highly recommend working with Helena. She literally changed my life with my son.  

I started working with her when he was 3 (he's now 15).  I can't thank her enough for the change in perspective she gave me which has resulted in a connected, awesome relationship with my son and a much more relaxed me.

Gemma, Baby Development Teacher & Mum of 1, Australia

Transformed my parenting!

Before I was a bit lost and didn't know what to do. 

After putting it all into practice, I'm much more emotionally connected with my 6 year old daughter and I now have a really clear structure to apply to my parenting.

Cassandra, Yoga Teacher & Mum of 2, Australia

 Here's what You'll Learn Inside The Program

1. Understanding Your Child

Sometimes your child's behaviour can be bewildering.  Why did they just hit their sister out of the blue?  Why are they so fixated on having a particular coloured plate? Why are they choosing to do the very thing you've asked them many times not to do?

There's always a good reason for your child's behaviour and I'll show you what's going on in their brain that's making them react the way they are.  Some of the reasons may surprise you.  

You'll discover what you child needs to heal from everyday challenges as well as traumatic events, how they can stay connected to their authentic selves, and what they need to be calm, co-operative and happy.

2. Play!

Laughter is a highly effective way for your child to release stress.  But fun and play often gets lost in your busy day-to-day life.  

Gain a deeper understanding of why play is an essential part of parenting, how to play when you don't think you're a playful person (it's much easier than you think) and discover lots of games to play in different, challenging situations such as getting ready in the morning, medical procedures, sibling fights and picky eating.

If you're too tired to be creative, or you don't know where to start - just play the games I give you and you'll enjoy more laughter, fun and ease with your child!

3. Tears & Tantrums 

You know that crying is healthy but many parents make crucial mistakes when their child is upset.  Discover what to do when your child cries so that you can help them become more confident, less aggressive and happier.

Likewise with tantrums - you're wanting your child to tantrum less and you might be worried that they're being manipulative or that they need to learn what's 'acceptable behaviour'.  

In this program you'll understand the true purpose of a tantrum and how to respond in a way that brings more harmony to your family and deeply helps your child.

4. Setting Limits

Are you treading on eggshells with your chid's behaviour because you don't want to deal with their meltdown?  

Has turning off screens become a nightmare? 

Do you want a better way to say "No" to your child?

Setting limits is a vital part of parenting.  You can be as gentle as you like, but at some point you're going to reach your limit and end up shouting, threatening or punishing.  

Discover how to set limits in a way that's effective, playful, truly beneficial for your child, and results in a stronger connection between you both.

5. Everyday Scenarios

You can help your child heal, overcome anxiety and release their aggression.  

YOU are the best person to help them with whatever their dealing with.

This module will show you how to put all the theory into practice.

Discover how to respond to everyday situations such as anxiety, aggression, picky eating, moodiness, meltdowns, friendships, new baby, starting daycare or school, fears, medical procedures, etc, so that you become confident as the mum you want to be, knowing you are deeply and effectively supporting your child to thrive.  

I am more confident with setting boundaries and no longer feel like I’m a failing parent

Helena gave me a whole toolkit to use when I feel at wits end and no longer want to use things like bribes, threats and punishment. The course helped me not to take my child’s behaviour so personally, understanding their capabilities & limitations better.


Chances are your parents didn't raise you with empathic or playful limits.  And you weren't listened to when you cried or raged.

Most people weren't.  Which means you won't know what the theory looks like in reality.

Inside this program you'll see me set limits, play games and listen to upset feelings with my own children.  

And for those times when I couldn't record, I've created videos with my colleague being a very realistic 6 year old!

This is an exciting bonus to accompany all the information and strategies you'll receive in this program.

Without a good night's sleep, life is really tough.

But most parents struggle with bedtimes.

Perhaps your child has to listen to an audio book to fall asleep or they insist on you checking on them every 5 minutes.  Or maybe they experience night terrors in the middle of the night.

In this bonus module, I'll show you how to help your child sleep well WITHOUT leaving them to cry on their own, Rewards Charts or complicated bedtime routines.

As well as how to help them sleep throughout the night.

Make bedtimes better for you all by following what you'll learn within this special sleep bonus.   

Are you frustrated your partner isn't parenting exactly how you'd like them to be?

Maybe you feel that there's no point following this new approach if you're doing it on your own as you're worried your partner's responses will undermine yours.

You both want the best for your children and yet your different viewpoints causes conflict and confusion.

In this bonus masterclass, discover how to parent harmoniously with your partner whilst integrating this new approach within your family. 

Even after you understand what's going on for your child and know what to do to help them you'll still have times when you'll lose it at them.

Why?  Because you have upset feelings too.  

Especially because you weren't listened to in this way when you were a child.

You have current stresses and past hurts which impacts your ability to be calm, patient and playful.

This bonus gives you ways you can release and heal them to become the Mum you really want to be. 

money back


15 day guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

Purchase With Confidence...It's Risk Free!

As much as I know this program will transform your parenting, I also know that, as a Mum, you don't need any additional stress.  So if, for any reason, you don't feel this program is giving you what you need, you can get a full refund anytime within 15 days after you buy.

Just email me and I'll refund you - it's as simple as that!

We started seeing changes in behaviour within a week!

Valeska, Mum of 2 girls, Australia

My 6 year old daughter had some tactile sensitivity to clothing, which seemed to get exacerbated with anxiety. Getting her to wear socks and shoes was a huge challenge.  She also had separation anxiety and had incessant worrying about all sorts of things, didn’t like to try new things and wanted us to do so much for her.

After just a few sessions of play and starting mornings with some of the suggested games and generally more playfulness, the results were amazing - going to school with shoes and socks on!!!  

Her confidence is starting to soar. 

Thanks so much Helena, for providing the information in such an easy to follow manner and giving us so many video examples of how to put it into practice. 

Helena's approach is practical, honest and nurturing

I was at my wits end with my 3 yr olds tantrums and exhausting behaviour. I used to see tantrums as a negative thing.

Now I really understand why tantrums happen and not only that, but I've also learned how to 'be' with my son in these moments.

Thanks for teaching me how to be a better more connected mum. 

Susan,  Mum of 2, Ireland

Ohhhh this course was a game changer for me parenting my 4 year old. 

Helena so beautifully guided us through how to hold the space for our children’s emotional needs during those challenging times with their off track behaviour.

She offered gorgeous ways of playing and truly connecting with our child whilst remembering that we need our emotional cups filled too. The course is full of practical examples and support. Highly recommend!

Katka, DJ & Mum of 1, Australia

About Helena

When I first became a mum I was determined to do it all "right" and so I thought it would be easy. (I know....!)

I followed a classic Attachment parenting approach and ended up touched out, exhausted and without a clue of how to set limits with my toddler.

Fortunately I did a ton of research and found an approach that has been amazing for me and my kids (who are now 15 and 9).

I became a Doula and an Aware Parenting Instructor and Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor and I now have over 13 years' experience of supporting mums, just like you, with practical, down to earth and playful strategies to bring more connection, ease and fun back into your parenting. 

I really look forward to sharing these with you and supporting you with your children.  

Parenting doesn't have to be serious all the time!

I wish all parents could have access to this course. It was a lifesaver.

I joined as I was having difficulty with my daughter around sleep, separation anxiety and biting me.

It has truly made my parenting style fun, easier to tackle behaviours and I'm more relaxed and enjoying it rather than being up tight, angry and resentful.

Amelia,  Mum of 2, Australia

The change in my son has been amazing

I had that niggling mum feeling that something wasn't quite right and with your help I was able to delve in and allow my son to have some emotions. 

That amazing connection is such a gift and the best present I could give him so money very well spent.

This course should be mandatory once you have given birth!  

Rowena,  Mum of 1, UK

I now feel more confident in my approach and I've also learnt a lot about me and why I do what I do.

I joined as I was finding my sons aggression and refusal to wean very draining, he was also still struggling with separation anxiety & night terrors. I was questioning my ability as a parent and worrying about what was wrong with my son.

I began to notice a difference in our mornings and the aggression improved. He now sleeps peacefully all night

We're certainly happier. Thank you Helena xx

Nikki,  Mum of 2

We saw results instantly. It literally changed our lives!

Drop off was easy and I didn’t get the usual call to come and collect my very upset son (who used to vomit from such bad anxiety). We went from ‘I don’t want to go’ to ’I love kindy’ in just one day of using Helena’s tips! 

The teachers reported to us that our son was so much more calm and had even started to play independently without needing a teacher by his side (as he had every day previously).

Sara,  Mum of 1

I cannot recommend Helena enough!

I had a niggling feeling that something was missing and through this course I found it...true connection with my child.

The course has given me the skills, confidence and courage to help my child navigate the start of school which I was dreading. It has been a positive experience for both of us.

Rachel, Mum of 2

I wish all parents could have access to this course. It was a lifesaver.

I joined as I was having difficulty with my daughter around sleep, separation anxiety and biting me.

It has truly made my parenting style fun, easier to tackle behaviours and I'm more relaxed and enjoying it rather than being up tight, angry and resentful.

Amelia,  Mum of 2