Take the Struggle Out of Play with Your Tween / Teen

Discover how to playfully connect with your older child.  Receive the support you need to be able to navigate these transformative years with more lightness and ease.

"Helena & Chiara are such an incredible team, full of empathy and ideas!"

The Play Collective

There's so much support for the early years of parenting - mothers' groups, baby classes, toddler workshops, preschool and primary school interactions and then what?  Not much! 

By the time you think you've got parenting sorted, your child has hormones swirling, is wanting more independence and isn't enjoying your cuddles as much as they used to.  At High / Secondary school you don't know their teachers or friends' parents that well, and now you've got to deal with screens. 

It's a whole new world.  Often fraught with emotional outbursts or sullen withdrawal.  

There's not as much laughter as there used to be and you're worrying about what you've got ahead of you and how you're going to cope with a stroppy teenager.  

Those younger years probably now seem so easy....

Hi, we're Chiara & Helena

We're Aware Parenting Instructors as well as Mums of teens, and we'd love to help.

The teen years have the potential to be joyous and harmonious. They are the vital bridge between childhood with adulthood and can feel  daunting for so many. Most parents struggle and worry their way through but it doesn’t have to be fraught with angst. 

Playfulness is the key, the magic code that can improve every aspect of the teen era. Most of us know this intuitively but are stumped when it comes to implementing the concept. Play can feel like another burden to add to the heap. 

Let us show you a new way- a path less trodden that will help you fall in love with playfulness. Let us show you how most issues in life can be vastly improved with humour and lightness. Let us inspire you so you can see your teenager is a different light. 

We are living proof that connection and harmony can ABSOLUTELY be achieved just by learning how to reimagine play. 

Chiara Rossetti

I’m an Aware Parenting Instructor and mum of two teenagers - a 16 year old lad and a 19 year old lass. I have homeschooled them as a sole parent since day one (madness!?).  I discovered Aware Parenting when my boy was 4 months old and I truly love every aspect of the model but find Play to be one of the most interesting and magical aspect of it.  

I love being a mum of teenagers and dispelling all the myths about these years being painful - they don’t have to be.

I am also a Certified Field Center Facilitator which is a type of coaching / counselling that I find so powerful.

Essentially, I love any modality that can help people get unstuck from painful parts of their lives so they can live from a more authentic and cantered place.

Helena Mooney

I'm an Aware Parenting Instructor and a Hand in Hand Parenting by Connection Instructor, with over 13 years'

I wasn't a naturally playful mum but I've learned how to play and it's been one of the greatest gifts I've given my children, aged 14 & 8.

How I play has evolved as they have got older.  I no longer play the same games with my daughter as I did when she was a little girl, but the principles of connection, playfulness and fun still guide me.

I'm having a better relationship with my teenager than I thought was possible.

I'm so grateful I've learned this way of being with my kids and it's now my passion to share this with you and support you with your family.

Playfulness is a powerful connector.  

It will help your child with the challenges they need to deal with out in the world: both online & IRL.

It's what builds confidence, reduces anxiety, diffuses aggression, explore edgy topics and re-connects them with you.    

But It Can Be Hard to Feel Playful

When your tween/teen is being difficult, you're stressed about what's going on for them or you're frustrated that they're being moody and completely unhelpful, it's very hard to tap into your playfulness.

Especially with your own teenage stories

Those times you lose the plot and have a massive reaction to your child's behaviour?  That's a sure sign of a past hurt from your own childhood or teenage years.  It's hard to be a loving, patient parent when you have your own emotions swirling.


This unique program will help you become a confident, playful mum again.

  • Receive tailored solutions in the weekly Q&A sessions
  • Have the opportunity to share honestly and freely about what's really going on for you and your child in the judgement-free empathy calls.  If you want to feel less frustrated, more patient and playful - this is exactly what you need
  • Dive into the weekly videos where you'll gain a clearer understanding of what your child is really needing and how you can best help them
  • Learn how Aware Parenting principles can be applied to your older child with the challenges they're facing such as drugs, alcohol, anxiety, body image, exam stress, screens, etc.
  • Take time to journal on your own emotions and teenage years with the weekly reflection work book.

Take the struggle out of play!

Praise for The Play Collective
(for younger children)

This course is AMAZING! 

It's the most practical, hands-on, supportive 

parenting course I've done.

Chiara promised I'd end the course more playful, which I seriously doubted, but she was right.  

I feel more equipped to deal with difficult behaviour - I'm able to bring in playfulness to increase our connection much more easily than before.


There is a lot more playfulness and fun in our house 

I often felt overwhelmed and frustrated with trying to connect and play. It was another thing on my to do list and I was resentful about it.

Through Chiara and Helena’s unconditional support and listening I was able to find my own blocks to play and unpack my rigidity. 

Now I have a new approach to play and being playful with my kids.

Michelle (USA) 

What We'll Cover Each Week

This week we begin by establishing how play evolves as your child(ren) age.

We cover the practical side of Play and show you how Our approach differs from the current advice in the Attachment Play world .

Many parents are totally stumped at the idea of connecting playfully with their teens so we will guide you with the step by step process and inspiration to warm you up.

Dive deeper into why you find play hard and resist it.

Often it’s because it feels daunting, you may stop yourself from connecting more lightly because you think it will either lead to explosive teens or that you miss teachable moments. 

Let’s get down and dirty to excavate your blocks around play.

We cover more serious issues like anxiety , aggression, sex and alcohol because we want to show you how play can help you navigate these topics more effectively.

We'll share real life scenarios and walk you through a more emotionally intelligent approach that leads to connection rather than more strife

This week we tie up loose ends to ensure you have the confidence to implement what you’ve learnt. 

We cover deeper philosophies about this novel approach to being with our older kids, remind you of the importance of your mental well-being and give you tools to best support you & your family.

Learn practical ways to playfully connect with your tween / teen and receive the support to make it easier

4 Weeks with Helena & Chiara 

$59 / month - 6 month plan 

OR $347 pay in full

  • 4 Q&A coaching calls (recorded)
  • 4 empathy support calls
  • Online program with 4 modules
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Downloadable Journalling Workbook
  • Lifetime access to the Modules & Q&A recordings

We start 17 July 2023