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How do you feel when your child cries?  Panic?  Irritation?  A desire to make them stop?

Do you allow yourself to cry – ideally with a friend?  Or do you view it as a weakness?

In this episode I interview the incredible Marion Rose and it is packed with so much gold to take away and reflect upon, not only for your children, but also for you.

Ultimately, it will help you to reframe crying as you’ll learn about the powerful benefits for your babies, children & you.

Marion Rose Ph.d. is Australia’s leading Aware Parenting Instructor and has been my mentor for 10 years.  She’s become a very close friend and I highly recommend all of her articles & trainings.  

Key Points:

  • Crying can indicate an unmet physical need.  AND it can also be a really healthy, normal stress release mechanism.  Babies, children & adults all have a need to release upset feelings.  Laughter is a great way of doing this, but sometimes it’s not enough, and crying is the next step.
  • Whenever we refer to crying, we always mean crying WITH a loving, attentive adult.  Particularly when we’re talking about babies & children, we never advocate leaving them to cry on their own.  The stress release healing comes from being connected with someone whilst crying.
  • Learn how sleep, aggression, challenging behaviour, anxiety and being accident-prone are linked to crying.
  • And discover how crying helped me navigate the heartache of secondary infertility and IVF

What Can You Do When Your Child Cries?

  • be with your upset child and listen to them, without distracting or soothing with the intention of getting them to stop crying.
  • notice how they are afterwards.  Usually they will be more relaxed, loving, content, happier and will sleep better.



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