Helena Mooney



Whether your child is 2 or 9, when they’re saying rude or unpleasant things, it can be very hard to know how to make them stop because, unlike when they’re hitting or lashing out, you can’t physically restrain them.

Most approaches, such as ignoring, explaining, reprimanding or banning, often don’t work or actually makes the situation worse.

So what can you do instead?!


Play is the most effective way to stop, or at least reduce, your child from using unpleasant language.

Listen in to find out why & to learn some great games for children of all ages.

Don’t be afraid of your child’s words.  Instead, see them as a signal that something is going on for your child.  They need your help.  

Move in with connection.  Help to transform THROUGH the challenging behaviour.  Bring play.  Don’t take everything so seriously.  laugh.  Connect.  And you’ll see how the behaviour often magically goes away.