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Reimagining Play with Tweens & Teens

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If you feel like you're losing connection with your tween or teen, tired of the battles, worried about what's going on for them and are wanting a better way to help with their emotions and behaviour, then join us to find out how to playfully connect with your children as they get older.

That was absolutely gold! You guys are amazing. I have been looking for this answer for so long - thank you so much! 

I love the idea that if the parent is more playful, it will naturally help the siblings. Thank you both with all my heart.

Aware Parenting and Attachment Play can radically improve your family dynamics. 

By integrating play into your life, you'll help reduce daily struggles and increase the connection between you.  

The thing is.....

Play often falls by the wayside when children hit the tween and teen years

Suddenly life becomes more serious and more busy.

So many parents find themselves at a loss because the games everyone so enjoyed when their kids were younger lose their appeal and are no longer age-appropriate. 

Some parents only discover Attachment Play when their children are older and often tell themselves it’s too late (it’s not). 

We strongly believe that Play needs to be reimagined and to evolve for this age group

The connection and trust that comes with Play is extraordinary and can make home life far more harmonious.

Play will change the way you approach discipline and tricky situations.

Play can help (re)build confidence, lighten heavy feelings, help children centre themselves, heal from stress and so much more.

BUT it needs to be done differently.

Inside this new workshop, we will divulge the tips that we have picked up after many years of raising tweens and teens.

We will show you how to simplify play for your tween and teen while maintaining its transformative power.

Praise for Chiara & Helena

Helena & Chiara are such an incredible team, full of empathy & ideas!

"Highly, highly recommend working with Helena.

She literally changed my life with my 14 year old son.  

I can't thank her enough for the change in perspective she gave me which has resulted in a connected, awesome relationship with my son and a much more relaxed me."


"I can now call myself a FUN MUM!

Chiara has helped me demystify play while untangling my resistance to it.

I felt so daunted by the idea of playing anything with my kids and I have loved her enthusiasm and guidance from the get go." 


About Chiara Rossetti

I’m an Aware Parenting Instructor and mum of two teenagers - a 16 year old lad and a 19 year old lass. I have homeschooled them as a sole parent since day one (madness!?).  I discovered Aware Parenting when my boy was 4 months old and I truly love every aspect of the model but find Play to be one of the most interesting and magical aspect of it.  

I love being a mum of teenagers and dispelling all the myths about these years being painful - they don’t have to be.

I am also a Certified Field Center Facilitator which is a type of coaching / counselling that I find so powerful.

Essentially, I love any modality that can help people get unstuck from painful parts of their lives so they can live from a more authentic and cantered place.

About Helena Mooney

I'm an Aware Parenting Instructor, a Hand in Hand Parenting by Connection Instructor and a Life Coach, with over 13 years experience supporting families.

I wasn't a naturally playful mum.  I didn't realise I was "allowed" to be!  Plus I had NO idea what to do.

I've since learned how to play and it's been one of the greatest gifts I've given my children, aged 14 and 8.

How I play with my children has evolved as they have got older.  I no longer play the same games with my daughter as I did when she was a little girl, but the principles of connection, playfulness and fun still guide me.

I'm so grateful I've learned this way of being with my kids and it's now my passion to share this with you and support you with your family.

We're all about making things very practical, as well as fun, so the simple strategies will easily fit in your busy schedule.

"I highly recommend her guidance to anyone seeking help on their parenting journey.  

Chiara had me laughing so hard with my child the other day after she gave me fantastic play ideas! I’ve since noticed such a change in her.

I felt so seen and heard."


"Helena helps me be the mom I want to be

Helena has helped me through what seemed like impossible parenting situations with each one of my three kids.

She explains their sometimes confusing behaviours. 

I’m so grateful to have Helena in my life.


Playfully connect with your tween / teen today! 

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