Helena Mooney



You are going to LOVE this episode.  This is a very honest, raw and hopeful conversation with Michelle Puster, a long-term client of mine who is a therapist and Mom of 3 (including twins).

Michelle opens up about how challenging life was with 3 children under 2 and the rage, shame, depression and anxiety she experienced.

This difficult time led her to eventually find Hand in Hand Parenting, start working with me and embrace meditation. 

She shares how she went from crying in the bathroom to being able to be calm and present with her children when they're having a hard time with difficult behaviour.

This episode will give you hope and a pathway to turn your dark times around.

Michelle Puster M.Ed, is an online mindfulness teacher for parents

She helps parents trapped in anger and burnout free themselves from overwhelming guilt and shame.

Click here to download her FREE 5 minute Rage Break:  4 steps to pause and regroup when it's taking
everything you have not to lose it with your kids.

Web: https://compassionateheartmindfullife.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/compassionateheartmindfullife/


00:00 Welcome 

04:36 Yelling, anger, shame, parenting, pain, understanding, support.

09:20 Struggling with parenting, regrets, and physical pain.

10:09 Therapy didn't understand, found understanding in this podcast.

16:12 Struggles with parenting and stress, seeking improvement.

19:34 Meditation helped me control my reactions.

27:00 Coping with shame and self-compassion in parenting.

31:57 Struggle with language change, uses RAIN practice.

36:23 Manage stress through self-care and mindfulness practices.

42:58 Detaching from emotions, guiding kids through feelings.

44:47 Parenting is messy

50:00 Parenting support group helps me express emotions.

50:53 Apologize for yelling, had a heartfelt conversation.

55:35 Honesty about using tools to cope.

57:17 Grateful for The Rage Break. Thank you.

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