Helena Mooney



Would you describe your child as ‘strong willed’?  


Children have an innate desire for self-autonomy – to do what they want & be how they want to be.  Which is fantastic for later in life as they’re needing to make decisions out in the world, but it means they can be very hard to live with as their parent!  

So how can you help your child to retain their valuable sense of who they are and what they want whilst also creating more ease and cooperation in everyday life?

In this episode I talk with Gemma Keane who has been following Aware Parenting with her own son for 8 years, is a former Primary School Teacher and she now runs Baby Development classes.  

She shares what she did to help her son when he was little to prevent & reduce battles of will, and how she sees the benefit of doing that in the 12 year old boy he is today.