Helena Mooney



When I first became a mum 15 years ago I wanted to do it "properly".  I read lots of books, went to workshops, talked about parenting with new mum friends and generally focused all my attention on being the best mum ever.

I took my new job very seriously.

Whilst I wasn't serious all the time, I didn't fully appreciate how much we both needed play, silliness and laughter.

I didn't realise it how much it helped her.  And I also didn't realise I was "allowed" to be!

But life is to be enjoyed! 

And so is parenting.

So now I try to incorporate silliness and playfulness in my day.  

I'm not perfect at it.

I don't do it all the time.

I still shout and get annoyed sometimes. 

I still get stressed by life.

But I've learned to not take everything so seriously and to find pockets of play where we can have fun together.  

Listen in to this episode for ways you can bring silliness to your parenting. 


00:00 Parenting can be tough

05:10 Lighten up, play, and be silly with kids's behaviour.

06:25 Connect with your child in silly ways.

14:40 Teach by example.

17:57 Creating special rituals with your child.

20:16 Parenting can be fun

23:01 Keep being you, connecting, and looking after yourself.

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