Helena Mooney



If your child has ever said "Nobody will play with me" you'll know how heart-wrenching it is to hear your child struggling. Especially when you remember what it was like for you at school.

So in today's episode I share what I did when my son (7) said that to me and how I helped him.

This episode is a powerful one because social struggles are a big reason why children don't want to go to school. And when you can help them feel more confident socially, they feel more relaxed and able to learn better.

If your child is struggling with school - either because they've just started, or they just don't want to go - join me for a special interactive workshop:

Overcoming School Anxiety

  • Discover simple, powerful & fun games to help your child become more confident away from you
  • Receive a script of what to say
  • Learn what to do to in the morning and when they get home each day
  • Realise the #1 significant factor to make it easier for both of you

This is MORE than just an information workshop, YouTube video or podcast episode.  

  • Receive personalised support
  • Explore your own school experiences so that you can better help your child with theirs 
  • Feel more confident knowing you have practical, effective strategies that will help your child


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