Helena Mooney



It’s so understandable that you get annoyed with your child.  We’ve ALL been there!  

There’s really good reasons why you feel & behave in the way that you do.  But, as you know, it’s not ideal and often it ends up making the situation worse as your child’s behaviour could escalate even more.  

Or they could become quiet & compliant, which initially seems great, but isn’t ultimately helpful for your child.  

Or they could get really upset with you and sad that you’ve behaved in that way (which is just heartbreaking)

So what can you do to mitigate the effects and reduce the chances of it happening again?

​Play! (of course!)

Listen in to this week’s episode to discover the Cranky Mummy Game and help your children heal from feeling scared, upset or shocked after you’ve shouted or been angry with them.