Sending your child to daycare is a big time for both of you.  So what do you need to look for in a centre and how do you help your child adjust to being away from you?  

In this episode I interview Steph Fleeton, an Early Childhood Educator, Aware Parenting Instructor who runs a Family Day Care, to give you these answers.

Steph shares great things to consider when choosing a centre and educators, and how important it is to trust your child and your own intuition.  

She also shares how to help your child with separation anxiety – both at home and at drop off – and how to fast-track your child’s connection with their educator.

As you’ll hear, Steph integrates the Aware Parenting approach into her day care so beautifully.  She also offers practical things you can do to integrate it into your child’s experience too.  

About Steph

Steph Fleeton is an Aware Parenting Instructor, Parenting Support Counsellor and Early Childhood Educator. She runs her own Family Day Care, with a strong focus on Aware Parenting, nature play and child-directed learning. Steph also offers one-on-one sessions for parents and educators needing support for children in the early years.

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