Helena Mooney



It’s heartbreaking to see your child being so anxious. Especially if it’s about something that you’ve struggled with too.

You may find yourself oscillating between trying to be calm & understanding, and getting irritated & concerned when your reassurances don’t work.

This is where Play is so powerful.

It completely bypasses your child rational part of the brain which shuts down when your child is stressed.

Play connects with your child’s emotional limbic system. This helps them to release their fears through laughter and feel confident again.

Play also often involves touch which helps to release oxytocin – the love hormone – which helps your child to feel secure and happy.

So stop spending so long talking with your child about their fears and start PLAYING instead!

Games Ideas include:

– chasing game

– wrestling on the bed

– hide & seek

– “magic wand” where they wave a magic wand and tell you what to do