Helena Mooney



When our children are aggressive, it can lead us to be harsh & do anything to stop them from behaving in that way.  It’s easy to believe that we need to be increasingly harsh in order to stop the behaviour or to teach them to not hit or lash out so that they understand that that behaviour is not acceptable.

But actually, what our children really need is our connection, and play is a very powerful way to reconnect with them.

In today’s episode, hear how a mum, Nicky, helped her daughter, Katie, with her aggressive behaviour by using play.

Discover some new fun games they used, most of which were initiated by Katie such as:

  • Pesky fly
  • Tired hippo

Don’t just leave play to the dads.  It’s time for us mums to dive in and have fun with our kids, whilst knowing we’re really helping our children with their emotions.