Helena Mooney



My son George, 4, recently bashed his head against the coffee table and needed 4 stitches at the hospital.

One week later, he needed to have those stitches taken out.

Here’s how I helped him throughout which led him to lying there calmly & relaxed whilst the stitches were removed.

  • When your child hurts themselves, allow them to cry freely immediately afterwards whilst you hold them & offer empathy
    • don’t distract them, diminish their feelings, or jump in & fix it
  • Before an upcoming medical procedure:
    • Provide information about what’s going to happen.  Talking with your child is helpful, but you’re also going to need to help them with their emotions.
    • Play! Encourage your child to pretend to be a doctor chasing you to give you an injection, or perform a procedure.  Wrestle & do all the fun games to help them feel more powerful
    • Listen.  Notice when they get upset or annoyed over seemingly small issues.  Allow their feelings to flow.  These are perfect catalysts for upset feelings about the bigger issue to be released.
    • Offer empathy throughout
    • If it’s a scary procedure, be sure to find & receive support for you too