Helena Mooney



When your child starts school, it’s a really big & important time – for your child and for you!

So how can you best prepare and support them during this significant transition?

And how can you help your child if they’re anxious about going back for a new school year?

Shelley Clarke joins me this week to share how she is supporting her daughter before she starts school in 2 weeks’ time.  

Shelley is a Parenting by Connection Instructor, Aware Parenting Instructor, Physiotherapist and Sacral Cranial Therapist and loves to use play to help her kids.

Unfortunately the sound quality isn’t as good as usual, but it’s worth persisting with because there’s so many great tips and games you can use with your kids to help prepare them, whether they’re starting school for the first time or have anxieties about returning to school.

You can find out more about Shelley at: