Helena Mooney



I know it may not seem like it, but your children do not want to fight each other.  They want to get along with each other.  But there are times when it’s really hard for them to do that.  Their upset feelings take over and they lash out.

Discover how you can help your children at a deep, emotional level which really shifts how they feel and how they behave in this fantastic conversation with Belynda Smith, a Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor and former High School Teacher.

She shares some fantastic games you can easily play, as well as the importance of having the opportunity of being listened to as a mum.

Belynda is a Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor and she shares candidly about how she felt she was “losing her mind” when her kids were little, and the difference that this approach – particularly the play – has made in her parenting and the relationship between her 2 boys.

About Belynda Smith

Belynda is passionate about the healing potential of this approach and the opportunity it provides for helping families to grow and flourish.  

Email: pbcwithbelynda@gmail.com
Website: http://parentingbyconnectionwithbelyndasmith.blogspot.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ParentingbyConnectionwithBelyndaSmith/

When I became a parent I was besotted! I read everything I could find on how to help my son thrive. Yet we struggled tremendously with sleeplessness, tantrums, aggression and a variety of life challenges. By the time my second son arrived three years later I was a mess; I continued to search for something to help my family flourish but felt myself sliding more deeply into a feeling of despair. It isn’t stretching the truth to say that Parenting by Connection saved me and our family.

My two beautiful boys are now in their tweens/teens, and I’m a single mum and a Certified Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor (since 2017).