Helena Mooney



My puppy, Marlee, recently stayed with friends for 3 nights whilst we went away.  When we came back, she was really subdued and super clingy.  Both my daughter & I started to wonder if she wished she was still at the other house – if she preferred being there rather than with us.   

Fortunately the next day I recorded this podcast with Marion Rose and was forced to think about her behaviour because she insisted on sitting on my lap, rubbing her head against mine, whilst we recorded the episode!

We were supposed to be talking about anger, but ended up talking about Separation instead and, just like our previous episode a month ago – there’s lots of gems in here about what’s going on for our young children when they are away from us and how we can best help them with these feelings.

Some of the key things we talked about:
– trusting our children’s timings around when they’re ready to separate
– being aware of additional needs of Highly Sensitive Children
– how being separated from you at birth if they went to NICU can lead to big feelings later on
– how to help your child if they are anxious around separation

So check out this week’s episode & I’d love to hear your comments or questions.