Helena Mooney



It’s very easy to feel like we’re “losing ourselves” in motherhood.  That all we’re doing is giving, giving, giving to our young children.  To feel resentful at what we’re having to do, and to get caught up in the ‘shoulds’ of what we should be doing.

But what if we felt we were actually “finding ourselves’ in motherhood?  That we are evolving and growing in profound ways – that will then benefit our other areas of life.

Callie Brown invites all of us to ask a really simple, yet profound, question of what we really want – what brings you joy?  And explores how you can weave that throughout this stage of your life.

We also talk birth, ceremony, society and the importance of matresence.  Throughout Callie brings her compassion and insights to share how you can connect with yourself whilst parenting young children. 

About Callie

Callie with her husband and two kids live on 2 and a half acres near byron bay. Callie is intentional about living in harmony with nature, with spaciousness and whole being nourishment. 

Callie spent 20 years as a professional actor before taking her love of people and stories in a new direction as a clarity and connection coach. 

Callie knows YOU can feel super charged, aligned and resonant in your own skin by simply becoming aware of your natural nature and being articulate in your inner knowing – you and your life can feel really good. 

Callie has a way of seeing your truth and tuning into your essence, reflecting it back to in a potent and deeply heartfelt way. Feel truly seen, heard and valued for who you know you are making space for a life filled with self compassion and love which then radiates out to all areas of your life.

Callie Brown Coach:
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