Helena Mooney



Do you co-sleep with your baby or child?

If so, are you confident about doing so?  Or is it something you feel embarrassed about admitting to? 

Are you worried that your child needs to become an independent sleeper by a certain age, or when you go back to work, or they start day care?

This episode is to let you know that co-sleeping is such a beneficial and enjoyable thing to do with your baby or child/ren.  And it won’t last forever!

I cover basic do’s & don’t’s, as well as offer guidance if your child still isn’t sleeping well.  Plus reassurance that your children WILL be able to sleep on their own as they get older.  As I record this, my son is 6 and daughter is 12.  Both sleep really well in their own rooms.

If you do co-sleep and your baby or child STILL isn’t sleeping well, then I’m here to help!  CLICK HERE to find out how.