Helena Mooney



How is your child when you collect them after school?  Relaxed?  Calm?  Moody?  Grumpy?  Aggressive to you or their sibling?

And how do you usually help your child in those moments?  It’s so easy to pop the TV on to distract them, or just tell them to play nice and get annoyed when they don’t.

But what is the most effective & helpful way of supporting our children when they come home feeling upset or antsy after holding everything together for 6+ hours at school?

Listen to this week’s episode with Chantal Harrison from Aunty Ask to learn helpful ways to view your child’s understandable behaviour.  Discover how you can respond playfully, calmly and in a way to help them to offload their upset feelings in those challenging moments after school. 


Chantal is a HandinHand Parenting Instructor with 2 children.

To find out more about her, visit http://auntyask.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/auntyask/