About Helena


When I had my first baby, I thought I was going to "nail it".  I'd done personal development, read loads of books, and decided to follow the Attachment Parenting approach.  I thought of myself as a pretty capable woman so, seriously, how hard could it be?!  

But despite keeping my daughter close to me in the sling and in bed with me, plus feeding her practically 24/7, she did NOT sleep well and was starting to have tantrums before she was one.

I became overcome with mum guilt, comparisonitis, self doubt, frustration and feeling like an abject failure.

I knew I didn't want to do sleep training, punishments or Time Outs but I also knew I needed help and a different way of parenting.


When Emily was 10 months old, I found Aware Parenting and immediately knew this was the answer. 

I learned what's really going on for her and what she actually needed.  When I was able to help her with her emotions, everything changed - she became happier and more relaxed, bedtimes improved, I felt way more confident and we both finally managed to get some much needed sleep.

So this became my passion and I've loved helping other families ever since.  I trained with Hand in Hand Parenting to become a Parenting by Connection Instructor and was mentored by Marion Rose to become an Aware Parenting Instructor.  

My baby girl is now a teenager and I also have a son in Primary School.  The impact this way of parenting has had on my family has been incredible and it continues to help me navigate challenges big & small.


I've also been passionate about mothers in birth including being a Doula and witnessing incredible births within hospitals and at home.

For many years I was a vocal Maternity Services Advocate - volunteering on various committees, speaking at rallies and presenting at a State Parliamentary Enquiry.

Recently I've trained in NLP to become a Life Coach so that I can continue to help mothers live the lives that are deeply fulfilling for them.  

And after nearly 22 years in Australia, my husband, children, dog & I moved back to England where we now live in Wiltshire.  What was required to make this happen, including supporting my children in the process, has helped me develop the tools to support other women going through major life decisions and changes.