You missed out!

4 Steps to Better Bedtimes

11am, Wednesday 5 June

Bedtimes don't have to take f o r e v e r.....

And you don't need to co-sleep or sleep train.

Discover what your child really needs to fall asleep more easily and sleep better throughout the night so that your whole family gets more sleep and you have your evening back to relax. 

"We had one of the best nights of sleep in my daughter's life...and my partner got her to sleep for the first time ever!"

Do you:

  • follow the dinner, bath, bed routine only for your child to become hyper and resist going to sleep?

  • feel frustrated because co-sleeping isn't the answer you were told it was going to be?

  • have to check on your child every 5 - 10 minutes until they finally fall asleep?

  • give up on bedtime completely and just take them to bed with you, even though you have zero time to yourself?

  • feel exhausted and need a solution that actually works but don't want to sleep train?

Then this workshop is for you!

in this workshop you'll:
  • Understand WHY your child is resisting sleep
  • Learn WHAT they really need (it's different to what you may think) 
  • Discover an attachment-based, trauma-informed approach that actively nurture's your child's emotional state as well as helps them to sleep better
  • Find out HOW you can help them in a way that improves their behaviour and any anxieties

"My daughter was absolutely terrible at sleeping. I would spend so much time rocking, patting, shushing and singing to her to get her to sleep and resettle after every sleep cycle. This repeated throughout the nighttimes. I was so exhausted and felt as though I could not catch a break. 

Searching for a solution I stumbled across Helena's webinar on facebook and it was there I became hooked on this way of parenting. It resulted in her sleeping for 2 hour blocks at nap times and lengthy blocks at night.

I count my blessings I found this when I did otherwise I am not sure how I would be coping today."  (Jenna)

About Helena Mooney

I'm a Certified Aware Parenting Instructor, Certified Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor and Doula, as well as Mum to 2 children aged 15 and 9.

I love helping parents, just like you, who want to connect with their kids and help them in the best way possible, as well as have practical, respectful strategies that improve behaviour and sleep.

"I'm so grateful to have Helena in my life.  She has helped me through what seemed like impossible parenting situations."

"Helena literally changed my life with my son.  I can't thank her enough for the change in perspective she gave me which has resulted in a connected, awesome relationship with my son and a much more relaxed me."

STOP dreading the bedtime battle!

Click on the link below to join this Free workshop today and make bedtimes fun again!


What Aged Child is This Suitable For?

Children aged 1 - 8 years old.


Is this Sleep Training in disguise where I will need to leave my child to cry?

No, not at all.  This is about helping your child in a connected way whilst you're with them.  

Will there be a replay?

Yes, the replay will be available afterwards.  But you'll gain so much by attending live - including asking your questions directly to me.  Plus there is a special bonus if you're there on the day!